The School of Greatness

The Objectives = D.E.V.E.L.O.P

DEVELOP students Spiritually, Mentally and Ready for Greatness.

EMPOWER students with wisdom and revelations.

VIP Students (Make you into a VIP)

EQUIP Students with the Practical tools for success

LEAD Students to the path of great achievements.

OPEN up Visions of possibilities for he future.

PARALYSE invisible forces working against greatness.

The School of Ministry

The Objectives = E.Q.U.I.P.

The Objectives of his School is to equip students in the work of the Ministry (Ephesians 4:12)

EMPOWER students with the Knowledge of Ministry and how it works.

QUALIFY students into fulfilling the Call of Ministry upon their lives (Assignment)

UNPACK practical truths that will help students to better function in their ministry.

IMPART grace and anointing for Ministry through inspirational teaching.

PEEPARE students for effective ministry in the 21st Century.

School of Intercession (Advanced Course)

The Objectives = T.R.A.I.N.

  • TEACH the practical art of intercession so students can effectively engage themselves in this ministry of intercession.
  • RAISE up intelligent intercessors who will know how to wage war with knowledge.
  • ACTIVATE students in all areas of intercession so as to empower their prayer life and ministry.
  • IMPART the anointing of intercession to the students through inspiration and interrelation.
  • NAVIGATE students in the path of effective intercession, thus making them generals of intercession.

School of The Prophetic (Advanced Course)

The Objectives = M.E.N.T.O.R.

  • MENTOR students into a deep understanding of the mysteries and ministries of the prophetic.
  • EQUIP students with a wide knowledge of the different aspects of the prophetic and their functions.
  • NAVIGATE a path for students to learn how to flow in the prophetic in deeper levels.
  • TRAIN students by imparting practical skills and techniques in operating in the prophetic.
  • OFFER a certified training for students in prophetic ministry that can stand out in excellence.
  • RELEASE prophetic impartations through Inspiration, Interrelations and Intercession.

School of Deliverance Course (Intermediate Level 2)

Christian Psychology

The Objectives = R.E.S.C.U.E.

  • RESTORE those who are overtaken by a fault through the power of knowledge and practical skills.
  • EQUIP students with the knowledge of how to effectively minister counseling and inner healing.
  • SEARCH out the mysteries of the soul for self discovery and development.
  • COORDINATE the functions of the soul to give students a proper understanding of Psychology from a biblical perspective.
  • UNLOCK the inner potential of students and the chains that binds them emotionally.
  • ENLIGHTEN the mind for life transformation.

Preaching & Teaching

The Objectives
  • To train students to become more effective in preaching and teaching the word.
  • To teach students how to effectively study and interpret the scriptures.
  • Transform students into revelators of the Word of God that will minister the spirit of the word and not the letter.
  • To transfer the grace and anointing of teaching and preaching to the students.

The Art of Healing and Deliverance (Beginners Course)

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The Art of Intercession (Beginners Course)

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The Art of The Prophetic (Beginners Course)

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