The Modules

The Modules:

Module #1: ?The Art of Intercession?
#2: ?The Art of Evangelism?
#3: ?The Art of Praise & Worship?
#4: ?The Art of Preaching?
#5: ?The Art of Healing & Deliverance?
#6: ?The Art of the Prophetic Ministry?

Outline of Modules:

Module #1: ?The Art of Intercession?

1. The Principles of Intercession
(a.) The ministry of intercession
(b.) The language of intercession
(c.) The manifestation of intercession
2. The Dynamics of Intercession
(a.) Prophetic intercession
(b.) Intercessory praise
(c.) Corporate intercession
(d.) Prayer watches and walks
(e.) Networking intercession

Module #2: ?The Art of Evangelism?

1. Types of Evangelism
2. Techniques of Evangelism
3. Training Evangelism Teams
4. Organizing Evangelistic Events
(a.) Crusades
(b.) Street Meetings
(c.) Sports & Culture

Module #3: ?The Art of Praise & Worship?

1. The Principle of Praise & Worship
(a.) The why of Praise & Worship
(b.) The how of Praise & Worship
2. The Dynamics of Praise & Worship
(a.) Praise teams
(b.) Praise dancers
(c.) Drama, poetry & other arts
(d.) Musicians

Module #4: ?The Art of Preaching?

1. Biblical Exegesis
(a.) The Principles of Interpretation
(b.) Outlining a text
2. How to Prepare a Sermon
(a.) Biblical study techniques & tools
(b.) Writing & internalizing a sermon
3. How to Preach a Sermon
(a.) Preaching styles
(b.) Preaching techniques
(c.) The art of communication

Module #5: ?The Art of Healing & Deliverance?

1. The Healing Ministry
(a.) Spiritual healing
(b.) Soulical healing & the art of counseling
(c.) Physical healing
2. The Deliverance Ministry
(a.) Demonology
i. The origin of demons
ii. The organization of demons
iii. The operation of demons

(b.) Deliverance
i. Discerning & casting out demons
ii. Mass deliverance
iii. Deliverance teams

Module #6: ?The Art of the Prophetic Ministry?

1. Understanding the Prophetic
(a.) A Biblical foundation for the prophetic
(b.) Prophetic Ministries (praise, warfare, intercession, evangelism)
2. Activating the Saints
(a.) How to work your prophecy
(b.) How to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit
(c.) How to activate others
3. Operating in the prophetic
(a.) Prophesying
(b.) Pitfalls to avoid

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