Must Have Releases from Bishop Richardo Gordon

Two (2) books that are filled with revelations from cover to cover and backed by strong scriptural support is A Divine Revelation on the Gates of Hell Volumes 1 and 2 by Bishop Richardo Gordon. If you had the chance to read any of them before then you’d know that they are indeed power packed and effective tools that any and every believer should have. Though not for the faint-hearted, even in their hands, their attitude towards spiritual matters will change.

With all that said; Imagine Volume 1 being revised with new revelations that God has given to the author Bishop Gordon. I would not want to be the enemy, cause with the upcoming release of the Revised version and their introduction to eBook, heaven is about to be populated even the more and hell rightly plundered as it should!
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Volume 2 is Also Available in eBook format. For more info see below!!

RGM Gates of Hell Book

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  1. Avatar Suzette Lewis says:


  2. Wisdom is the Principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding (Proverbs 4:7) It’s a Wise thing to know our enemies but an even wiser thing to know and understand how they operate, cause when we do, we’ll know and understand how to make them malfunction as well. With that said I strongly recommend you getting this book. It’s not just a great read, it’s a practical solution for some of life’s problems. And with two (2) Volumes. Wow!! Imagine your enemies being dysfunctional, then multiply that by two (2). Know what I mean, that’s Double Trouble for your enemies. Thanks again Man of God, I’m armed and might as well I say dangerous, cause with the right weapons, I got me some enemies to kill!!

  3. This book was an AMAZING read!! Don’t let the cover intimidate you for its not “scary” but filled with information and revelation!! It is like an AK 47 or whatever those automatic weapons are called that will wipe out the enemy and spiritual wickedness!! Bishop Gordon leaves you on the edge of your seat with every page!! He backs up his research with THE WORD (scripture) so that you can go back and read for yourself. He also gives us valuable Prayer Points to defeat, kill and destroy these spiritual demons that plague our families and our lives! Knowledge is not power. It is only POWERFUL when we apply it and use it for our benefit. Get this book and your world will never be the same again. Excellent job Bishop! This is powerful stuff!! I look forward to reading the revision of volume 1.

    • Oh, one more thing. I personally DO NOT own a tablet/nook/kindle or gadget that can purchase ebooks. BUT, I knew someone who did. I asked my friend if I can use hers for a few days and she said absolutely. In other words, I made no excuse. If you know someone who can do you the same favor, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m a book worm so I read this book in 4 undisturbed hours. For the average reader, you can bang this book out within a week! Purchase yours today and be blessed!

  4. Avatar Diplomatpaulette says:

    I strongly recommend this book. You will be well armed and dangerous with the right weapons to slaughter your enemies…..

  5. Avatar Bronia Talmie Russell says:

    This book left me in literal shock and awe!!!! What a revelation from the “Mystery Man” Bishop Richardo Gordon. I tell you I pondered for days on the knowledge I garnered from this must-read. It’s still not too late to get your copy. A simple download of the Nook app on your smart phone is sufficient. Don’t be left behind friends, this book is a life changer and an eye- opener.

  6. Avatar Psalmist Christie says:

    WOW!!!! I tell you the truth and I kid you not, this Book is a must read and a must have!! It’s not the ordinary everyday storybook but rather a Dynamic, Powerpack, Revelatory Manual for life that will teach and equip you on how to bring down and defeat the host of hell!!! If you’re tired of being tossed around by the enemy get this book now!! Not only will you benefit but your family will as well, as you’ll find yourself praying for them in a new kind of way. This book is fully loaded, and Bishop Gordon puts the icing on the cake with its strong backing of the Bible from cover to cover. The questions; if or but should not cross your mind, but rather “how soon can I get it?” Knowledge is the key and when you have the key for the gates of hell as this book gives, you’ll have Power at your disposal to shut those gates from operating against you and to dethrone your enemies at your leisure!! GO GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!!!.

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