The Mystery of Heavenly Places: 12 Dimensions of Heaven (eBook)


Did you know that you are dual dimensional and can operate from and exist in two places at the same time? Do you also know that you are seated in heavenly places, and if so the significant God given privileges as a result of this?
I have been taken to the heavenly realms on three occasions and have had many angelic encounters and visitations, some of which are unexplainable. The Lord showed me glimpses of His glory and mysteries of heavenly places.
This book will identify the mysteries of these heavenly places and show you how to tap into them and how to operate from these dimensions upon the earth. This book will also identify how the enemy (Satan) tries desperately to disconnect and dethrone us from these dimensions to connect us to his counterfeit.
If you practice the principles in this book I guarantee you that your life will be transformed by the Spirit of God from glory to glory and you will have supernatural experiences and visitations.



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