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This book is written to give a clear understanding of how to function in this gift and to operate in the office of the Prophet. It is an end time gift because Jesus himself said; “in the last days there shall be many false prophets.”
The reality of the false, is however an indication that the real exists, because a photocopy is only a copy of an original.

This book aims to give some clarification and revelation for equipping believers who desire to operate in the prophetic. It also seeks to give a greater level of understanding of the functions, requirements and responsibility that comes with the gift and the office.

In this book, I will share my life experiences, testimonies and practical steps and techniques of how to operate in the prophetic.

I have chartered a course that will give theoretical and practical understanding of the prophetic, with the intent to shed light on all misconceptions and deviations, so as to expose the errors and fallacies that are presently taking place.
This book should therefore serve as a handbook for all prophets and those desiring to flow and operate in the prophetic. It is therefore my prayer that the revelations will transform lives. This book is available in eBook and Print format (Soft Back)

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