God is not necessarily interested in using someone because of their Social class, Economical background, Accomplishments or Titles and He’s definitely not looking for Super Stars. His eyes go to and fro seeking for those that will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:23)

It is therefore never a question of; Are you able, but rather are you available? That’s all He requires, “availability” and there has been countless times that I’ve seen God demonstrate His power and His grace through individuals who never thought it possible to be used in the fashion and manner God so chooses, and often times these are ordinary people possibly just like you but yet have been Impacted for Ministry through Ministry Training Institute because they availed themselves.

There’s a Remnant and there’s a clarion call for them to arise. Even if like Gideon you consider yourself ordinary, God can add the extra to your life and make you into a mighty man or woman of valor. The question therefore is; will you answer the call?

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  1. I believe God connected me with your channel .
    I’ve received so much wisdom and revelation through your teaching
    that i hunger for more.
    I have none of your books yet .
    Please help me get them.

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