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But it was because the Lord loved you and kept the oath he swore to your forefathers that he brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you from the land of slavery, from the power of Pharaoh king of Egypt. Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. (Deut 7:8-9 NIV)

One of the surest ways to be an overcomer is to be one who testifies; they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). When you cultivate a life of testifying of God’s goodness and His doings in your life, not only does it strengthen you the recipient of Gods grace but also the one who hears your testimony.

Someone may be experiencing a similar situation that prior to you testifying of Gods deliverance found yourself in a simailar place. As they hear your testimony it produces faith in such an individual that causes them to become aware that God care in their affairs, and the evidence of that which they have been hoping for becomes more tangible knowing that someone experienced breakthrough!!

If God has instrumentally used this ministry to be a blessing in your life and you have a testimony worth sharing, then go right ahead. Please fill out the “Comment” form below to do so and encourage someone today!!

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May the miraculous explode in your life!! Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. God never cease to amaze His people and I have countless testimonies to confirm this. Many of which came about with RGM being the vehicle. As Bishop Gordon’s Armour Bearer I have the distinct privilege to travel with him on numerous occasions, and as a result I’ve seen some stuff times and times again that is out of this world and causes one to wonder. Seeing is one thing though, experiencing it for yourself is a whole other level. I will not be able to share all through this medium.

    I remember in 2008 however when I was to accompany my Mentor Apostle Richardo Gordon to Nigeria that God would show up significantly. This would be our first experience to Africa. The cost to travel there is way more than just a dip in the bucket. It was approximately $450,000 Jamaican Dollars at the time and equivalent to US$4500 each now. Bishop’s ticket was already paid for in full. There was a deposit of US$3400 on mine but another US$1100 outstanding. We were schedule to leave the Island on Thursday from Montego Bay, but on Wednesday (the day before) our faith would be tested. The Travel agent being knowledgeable of our itinery, called Bishop on Wednesday morning reminding him to ensure settlement on the air fare before leaving the Island as leaving for one whole month without full payment would put her job at risk. This made much sense as it was the only open window for this obligation to be met. By faith Bishop replied’ “I’ll settle the payment today and all shall be well”. Guess he remembered when Jesus told the disciples to cross over on the other side. In any case “Wednesday Morning became Wednesday Evening” the day in question and the Travel Agents office was getting ready to close its doors.

    Approximately 30 minutes before closing hours, Bishop, myself and one of the Elders of the Ministry sat in a motor vehicle with US$600 in our possession which meant that we still needed an additional US$500. By this time, Money from all other known avenue was already depleted, but something had to happen. Bishop then instructed me to count the money seven (7) times. This would give me an experience that would question my mathematical ability. It would also question that of Elder Edwards as she was also the treasurer for the ministry and handling money was the norm of any given day. At count one (1) it was $60,000 Jamaican dollars as mentioned before. At count (2) it was $62,000, count (3) $65,000 and by the time we reached count 4, I remember vividly using some Jamaican terms, not expletives though, something more like “Brown Dog Star.” And recall Elder and Bishop saying “It a Work, It a Work” with excitement. At my seventh (7) count what was $60,000 amounted to $110,000. The exact $50,000 was added as was needed. God supernaturally supplied our needs according to His riches in glory. Glory to God. Bishop would later say he should have instructed me to count further. Lol!! But at the end of the day it worked!! God blew our minds that day and He’s still doing so now.

  2. Surely, the Glory of God did manifest in a powerful way whilst in St. Kitts. He showed up and showed off His awesomeness. This could be seen from the very first night through signs and wonders and miracles. A lot of individuals received dental miracles – golden crown in the mouth and black and mercury were changed to gold, literally as people watched. Persons received instant healings. Many vomited fibroids and goitres. Cysts and lumps disappeared from the bodies of individuals, instantly, as the word was released. Many souls were won for the Kingdom. Indeed God is faithful and I am grateful for His glory. – Bishop Gordon –

    • Bishop Gordon visited St Kitts in March and it was awesome. I never heard of him before and initially was a bit skeptical. I was also feeling a little down at the time. He kept saying that he was in St Kitts for someone as he was not originally scheduled to be there. Not me I thought. He then prophesied that 50 people will see God manifest in their lives in 52 days.
      Then I saw him look towards me and a silver wave of electricity moved from him towards me and I knew he had a word for me. Towards the end of the service he prophesied that there was a secret conspiracy geared towards me. There will be a shift in the people who have authority towards me. I have projects that are not going forward and they have been on pause too long. He said that the people who have authority over me shall be no more, they shall go down and I will rise.

      My 52 days ended on May 14. More projects began to move in the month of April than all of last year.

      Thanks be to God. Thanks to Bishop Gordon and Pastor Cline for allowing God to use them to be a blessing to the people of St Kitts and Nevis through Power Plus.

  3. Avatar Candicia Pryce says:

    I was in depression because I couldn’t find a job and I was in some living conditions that was just chaos and oppression, yet I went to church, I was involved, prayed and interacted with everyone-BUT no one knew I was on the brink of committing suicide or the many thoughts swirling in my head on how I could get some “easy” money, but the more I sank, the more God began to speak to me through others and encourage me. how did I know it was God? well, When you’ve been as low as I have, God would be the only voice your heart would open up to. so I was declaring somethings about getting my job and a few other things, but nothing would happen! and I began to go through what I call ‘withdrawal’-that’s my little way of saying-prayer was non-existent, I didn’t even want to think or feel anything-I was alive but dead inside. so I pushed out my last bit of ‘feeling’ and spoke to God. a few days later I got a phone call, it was a place in need of teachers (which is what I’m qualified in) BUT again I was let down as they had hired someone in my position already-That made it worst! I sank inside. But a day before the school would re-open the devil had me to leave my phone at home-which I rarely do, when I got home and was looking through the phone I saw about over 20 miss calls, the same school that had rejected me before told me, the person they hired would not be able to make it and they would like me to start tomorrow!!!!!! THANK U JESUS!

    Some days later on the job I was just speaking to God in my heart and asking why he took so long and I remembered the Lazarus story in the bible and plainly and clearly he said it “so I could get the glory” Hallelujah!

    I would just like to encourage someone here who has given up on something God has promised you-even at the brink of your situation God CAN MAKE A WAY. He is the door opener and ONCE GOD OPENS A DOOR, NO MAN CAN CLOSE IT!
    Blessings! – Candicia –

  4. Avatar Alicia James says:

    I Alicia James must testify to the goodness of Jesus and the marvellous work He is doing through Bishop Richardo Gordon and Richardo Gordon Ministries. I remember I started out with so many issues and things that were wrong in my life. I sat at the back of church one Sunday and was about to leave after Bishop had finished preaching. Then, He turned and called me. With tears in my eyes I walked to the front of the church to him. He started to prophecy to me and let me tell you, everything he said was absolutely true. I cried so hard because I didn’t know that this type of Ministry was available in Jamaica. I didn’t even know that God could speak so clearly through his servants. I was happy because I had previously thought that there was no hope for me. I received so many deliverance, revelation, healing and instructions as to how to live a successful life from this man. It?s amazing. I must also testify of how important it is to sow seeds and give tithes. I was weak in this area and I remembered Bishop spoke about it and showed us in the Bible where our seed is important. I use to give mine on an irregular basis and noticed that when I didn?t give my tithes my son would get sick and the same money that I was to give I would have to use it to take him to the doctor. I then became faithful with my tithes and Glory to God, I never have to take my son to the doctor again.

    I remember last year September I got notice to leave the house I was living in. We were put on a 21 days fast for the month of January 2014 and during the fast we had ?Morning Glory?. This is a gathering where we would meet to pray at 6am each morning of the fast. I went one morning feeling real sad because I still hadn’t found a place to live and the extension on my stay at the house would end on the last day of January. During the Morning Glory, a twenty four hour miracle was declared over my life. Can I tell you, on that very same day a friend of mine told me of a place available for rent. I went to look at it the following day and I got the house exactly 24 hours as declared. Who could it be but Jesus! I got the key to the house without even making a down payment!!!
    I tell you we serve a mighty God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask or think. If we trust him and believe His promises we will make it to the very end. My life has changed tremendously through Richardo Gordon Ministries and Bishop Richardo Gordon. To God be the Glory. – Alicia James –

  5. Avatar Diplomat Paulette says:

    I had been trying to get pregnant for years. It happened twice but was miscarried for reasons not known. Doctors could not find a solution even after many tests, including one most uncomfortable and painful one where a dye was inserted into my tubes. I thought about adopting as I was then getting old. I really needed a miracle. On Good Friday, 2003, Bishop called me out and prophetically spoke in my life, a well needed word. He said by January 2004, my status would change and I would be a mother. Immediately I conceived and the baby was due January 6, 2004. While pregnant, it was not easy because this child is a prophetic and purpose one. Also, during pregnancy, he further prophesied that the was a male child. To God be the glory, I gave birth to Daniel on December 18, 2003 (two weeks earlier) and I entered 2004 a blessed mother.

    A few years later in October 2008, in a regular Sunday service, he prophesied again about another baby. Of course, I laughed, literally laughed at him. I had no plans for that then. But God said other wise. Immediately, and I mean immediately, I became pregnant again. Easy eh!! And it was so difficult the many times before. I did an ultrasound to determine the sex of the child but it was inconclusive. On my way to the hospital, he told me that it was another male child. Couldn’t have been more accurate. I gave birth to David, another prophetic and purpose child on June 29, 2009.

    God is good. I have proven him over and over. Oh yes!!! The prophetic is real and I say that without any fear or hesitation. It is so real, that if Bishop takes the microphone to prophesy to me, I would run in fear of being told about another child.

    Listen, when the doctors or even myself gave up, God did not give up; When the devil said no, Jesus said yes; When others were laughing because they thought I was infertile. ….Jesus just smiled at me and said you are fruitful my daughter.

    Trust in God always, believe the prophetic and you will be blessed. RGM and Bishop Richardo Gordon are blessings in the earth and I am truly blessed to be a part of the awesome, God-ordained ministry!!!!!

  6. ?shi dunce, shi cyaa read and shi ah guh ah primary school? These were the words that came from the mouths of my teachers and my principal at the age of 6, that my father overheard upon picking me up from school. Close relatives would say ?you can?t read?, or ?if you become a chartered accountant they will arrest you if you don?t count the people money good? (during my high school years). These piercing words created a hole inside me, which made me depressed my entire teenage years. I cried but no one knew. They could have carved a very dull future for me but instead my destiny which was written by the most High God, the author and finisher of my life, superseded every negative comment through the anointing and power of God’s servant, Bishop Richardo Gordon. He stands as a father to me, a motivation, and an inspiration in all he does. He baptized me in the year 2000 and since then he has impacted my life greatly, a life I thank God for every day.
    I had been trying to get into University of Technology since 2007 to do Business Administration and everytime I applied something went wrong. Fast forward to 2010, I finally got to start school (thank you Jesus, sigh of relief). After three months, something went wrong again and I had to defer until the next year. At this point I became confused, upset and just sick and tired, so I turned to God and said ?you know the next semester is near what do you want me to do?? but no answer. I went to church one Sunday and Bishop called me up and he said to me ?Kim I see as if you are doing something in law, I see you as a lawyer?. Now to me this sounded strange, but I decided to believe the prophet as stated by the Bible.
    Since that day my life has changed, the transition from Business to Law was much easier that getting into university, and from the day I started I have failed not one course, all because I obeyed the call on this man?s life who has been more than a blessing to me. I have just finished a 3 year law programme at Utech and now awaiting my acceptance into Norman Manley Law School for September 2014. A few years back no one could tell me that I, Kimberly, would be an aspiring attorney, in the next 2 years, but it all started because of one man?s gift.
    I am grateful for RGM and Bishop Richardoo Gordon. Through this ministry, I got the direction and the bright future I needed. Glory!!!!!

  7. Avatar Tami-Zoe Campbell says:

    The real success stories of my life were incumbent on the constant laying on of hands by both Bishop Richardo Gordon and Prophetess Maxine Gordon; I am a real product of RGM.
    I was a very healthy and flourishing child; but evil altars were erected to kill me and stop me from pursuing my education. From the age of thirteen illnesses took me over; from a dislocated right elbow to Pleurisy of the lung and a nerve condition. Then Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and issues of blood; it was a constant battle.
    It all started in the year 2000 when I fell in a bus and dislocated my right elbow. I did a surgery to remove the radial head in my right arm. From what was to be a simple procedure, I ended up on life support with a collapsed lung and a torn nerve; my life went downhill from that point. After five long years of struggling with the lung issue, Doctors in the emergency room gave upon me but God did not. I could not go to school frequently and I literally lived at the hospital. At the time of surgery, they told me that my hands would stop growing due to my age; but after surgery my left hand grew three (3) inches longer than the right.
    I came in contact with this potent and dynamic ministry in 2003, and about a year later I received healing for my lungs. About two years later, my right arm grew exactly three (3) inches in one of our services from an angel touching my spine.
    A year later, I started having severe pain in my lower abdominal area; I was diagnosed with Appendicitis and once again Doctors recommended surgery. Bishop Richardo Gordon prayed, and God revealed to him that it was what he called a ?phantom pregnancy?, and the plan was for me to die; the enemy wanted me under the knife again (apparently life support was not enough). Bishop brought me through a session of deliverance and to God be the glory, this issue vanished.
    Two years later I was diagnosed with Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome where various cysts appeared on my right ovary. I had an issue of blood for three months and no medication could stop this. Bishop came for me at my house, took me to the church, prayed for me and the bleeding disappeared instantly. A few years later I started bleeding again and Bishop prayed; the bleeding did not stop so the Doctors sent me to do an ultra sound to see if the cysts grew bigger. I went to do the ultra sound even though I was bleeding; even the radiologist was complaining but God was on the job. She proceeded to prep me and she sent me to change, when I pulled my clothes down in the changing room I realized that the bleeding stopped. I was so shocked and happy at the same time that I started telling the radiologist my story and she was marvelled. God then did the unthinkable. She turned on the monitor and began to examine me, she had a puzzled look on her face; she kept looking at me and then looking back at the monitor. She said to me ?I cannot find a single cyst, but you were diagnosed with PCOS?. To God be the glory I am healed.
    Finally, in 2011 Bishop revealed to me that an altar was renewed to stop my education. The attacks were many and I felt like giving up on my dream, but praise be to God I can proudly say that by the help of almighty God and the spiritual support of RGM, I successfully completed my legal education and is on my way to fulfilling my dream as an Attorney-at-law.
    The weapons formed but they could not prosper; destiny and purpose called and found me, God renewed my strength. I want to thank my Bishop and my Reverend for being a covering and tower of strength for me; I Iove and appreciate you both. I could not have done it without RGM, so much more to say; God has truly given his servants power.

  8. Avatar Georgette Taylor says:

    It is truly amazing to see what God can do when you believe the prophets and when you put your trust in Him. I can truly say that God has used RGM to bless me personally in many ways.
    In 2009, during the time of The Feast of Tabernacle, I was led to sow $1000US in Bishop Gordon’s life. I didn’t know what was going to transpire years after that.However, when I sowed that seed, I received a harvest of $20,000US and $10,000US on two separate occasions.
    Right after sowing that seed, I was told that I would be deported, facing charges in the US. Little did I know that I would have to hire a lawyer. The cost to hire that lawyer was $10,000US. Had I not sown that seed, I would not have been able to afford a lawyer. The case was eventually thrown out as the judge could find no record of the charges laid against me. I truly believe that the seed that was sown,propelled me into this magnificent blessing. Hallelujah!!

    Additionally in 2010, my son who is a special needs child and I received a sum of $20,000US that was owing to us due to a case that he was in. I do believe that if I had not sown that seed then I would not have gotten that breakthrough that I needed.
    It so happens also, that the person for whom I was a caretaker died in 2010, so therefore the money received was right on time. Isn’t God awesome?
    I encourage you to sow in this fertile ground. RGM has and continues to be a tower of strength to many. Believe these prophets and you will prosper. God bless RGM!!

  9. Avatar Shenika Morris says:

    As I glance at the time just now, it is showing 09:09 a.m. This is a numerical confirmation of my testimony of a double portion of the Spirit and blessings of God since I have come in contact with Bishop Gordon’s ministry. From my days in college, I noticed that every birthday, the Lord would give me a significant breakthrough round about my birth month. But on my birthday in October 2009, I wondered to myself, “the day is ending but no significant birthday gift from Daddy?” However, my disappointed was quickly quelled when someone invited my family to Prophetess and Bishop Gordon’s prophetic meeting in Montego Bay ON MY BIRTHDAY. It was an amazing experience that became a pivotal point in my spiritual development. The following are just some of the breakthroughs I have had since being a part of this ministry:

    1. I received a major scholarship to pursue a PhD at foreign university. Bishop Gordon had no clue that I was waiting for 3 years for this door to open. I was really frustrated during the waiting phase, when on January 2, 2011, he prophesied that I will be migrating and receiving a PhD in the future. Praise God! Indeed, He watches over His words and fulfills them. By September of 2011 I was literally living in another country, on full scholarship. While in that country, I was ranked in the top 3 PhD students in my department and attracted a lot of attention from my professors. God is amazing!

    2. I remember during Passover, 2010, Bishop Gordon instructed us to plant a seed in US$. Now, I generally, don’t have a problem sowing but being unemployed during that time, it bothered me that I had to sow the ONLY money I had- which was US$70. Thankfully, the Lord spoke to my heart and I obeyed and sowed it all on Good Friday. MIRACULOUSLY, I came home to an email out of the USA (University of Virginia) that same night inviting me to be one of their external advisors. I was dumbstruck! This was nothing applied for, in fact these professors were strangers and had met me just once. I felt totally UNQUALIFIED, if not intimidated about this advisory role. Nevertheless, I walked through this door and with it came a wealth of experience, favours, divine connections I needed for the future. I was in Virginia within a couple weeks- ALL EXPENSES PAID plus being paid in US$ for the advisory position. I spent a week and came back to Jamaica with an overflow of blessings- all through obedience. I sowed US$70 and cannot place an exact figure to what I reaped but was surely over US$3000!

    3. I HAVE MANY MORE testimonies of financial breakthroughs wherein I can truly say that the Lord is My provider. One of them that is coming to mind now is that while still in my 20’s, I and my husband, already owned 3 cars and a home which was supernaturally provided, which leads me to my next point:

    4. Learning how to pray EFFECTIVELY is one the main spiritual blessings I have received since being a part of this powerful ministry. Nothing happens without prayer! The home I mentioned above, was came through prayer. When we went to the office of the housing developers, they told us that ALL HOMES WERE SOLD OUT and my husband was ready to leave the office in disappointment when I felt like “don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer”… the Holy Spirit was nudging me to PRESS and press I did. I asked if there was no waiting list to which they said yes but there were over 60 people waiting…we became #61 on the list! After adding our names, we left the office but then one of the workers came running after us, saying “WE HAVE ONE MORE HOUSE!” The Lord heard our prayers! We always prayed that if it is the LAST HOUSE LEFT in that community we were going to get it! and so it was- the Lord moved us from 61 to number 1 and we did get the LAST AVAILABLE HOME. Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve! The next challenge was that we needed US$6000 down payment on the home. We literally didn’t even have the first US$1000! It was a strain and I knew nothing else to do than to go before the Lord and told Him what His word said about prosperity and about His awesomeness. I told Him that He has never failed me and He will not fail in this situation either. After a few weeks of seeking the Lord, I got a surprise email out of a foreign country that I am getting US$6100!!!!!! My Father, My Daddy, heard the days of prayer and sent more than what I needed. I just want to encourage someone who might be reading this that there is nothing impossible with God (Luke 1:37) AND that you are to never stop praying and believing. I watched the Lord bless us with US$6,100 which we DIDN’T WORK FOR. There are some blessings that you just cannot work hard enough to earn but our God will release it.

    5. On the note of prayer, the Lord has been using me to teach the youths in my church how to do warfare and we formed a group called Young Warriors over a year ago. I would love if MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL ARE READING THIS because this testimony goes to show that we cannot get things done in our own might or intellect. Before we started to meet and pray as a group, things were very challenging- on every side there were setbacks and we would try in our strength and it wouldn’t work. But as soon as the Lord revealed to my husband and I the weapon of prayer, the stumbling blocks and fog started to clear up. We have been getting breakthroughs individually and collectively. Our revenues have more than doubled; the Lord has sent us sponsors and a projector. God is truly awesome and on this note I ENCOURAGE EVERY CHRISTIAN TO FIND THEMSELVES AT THE SCHOOL OF INTERCESSION by Bishop Gordon. You will learn how to be armed and dangerous and not just pray BUT PRAY EFFFECTIVELY.

    There is just so much more I could share but I would need another 6 days. The list goes on: I have experienced physical healings; dental miracles; I have learnt how to hear the voice of the Lord more clearly; overall, I feel like I am coming into my divine purpose. In concluding, Bishop Gordon has been a remarkable spiritual dad and I thank God for him. He is doing a wonderful work raising up sons and daughters. Let us remember him and his entire family in our prayers. I bless that day in October when the Lord caused me to learn about this ministry. I will stay in it and grow for as long as that season lasts! I am typing my last sentence here and I felt a ‘nudge’ to glance at the time and it?s showing 10:00 a.m.- the number of covenant- I have truly entered into a new covenant!


  10. Avatar Keith Vanterpool says:

    I just want to take this time out to share how awesome God is. I recently did a prophetic challenge with Bishop over the Monday night prayer line, where I sowed a seed and called in for 5 nights to pray some prayer points. This challenge was focusing on Favour and Financial Release. After this challenge Bishop issued Financial Declarations for us on the prayer line to declare for 21 days and I just want to say that my God is awesome because on the 21st day I signed my first Bank loan. For the past four years I was trying to apply for a loan and the bank kept telling me I don’t have a credit history I will have to put up the same amount of money I want to lend, but God had a greater plan. Also I have realized that a sudden presence of Favour has been with me. Praise the name of Jesus!!!

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