Pure Gems of Glory (Soft Back)


First and foremost this book is a must read that will bring about great changes in your life. As the reader you will experience the hand of Jehovah God heavy upon you. It will promote divine transformation and turn around for you and angels of God that are assigned to you will begin to work on your behalf speedily and bring release as you receive tools that put angels to work. The principles found in this book are Biblical and will bring about sanctification, deliverance and healing even a new beginning in your life. As you read anticipate the blessing of the Lord from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet cause after you have suffered awhile you can only reflect His glory.
Be advised; this book will oppress your enemies as you reap the promises God has laid down for you. This book has been added to my personal motivator list. Enjoy reading!! -Bishop Richardo Gordon-

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