Born Great But Tied Down (2 part MP3)


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Do you feel limited, as if there?s more to life than what meets the eyes? Are you constantly struggling and encountering resistance? Do you have that gut feeling that you were born for greatness but not manifesting your potentials? Do you feel like a Prince yet living like a servant. Well guess what, you were Born Great But Tied Down. There?s great news though, and that is God has need for you. In this 2 Part Message, Bishop Gordon exposes the many ways you could be tied, where you may be tied and shows you how to position yourself that greatness itself will be asking others to loose you immediately. Get untied and manifest your potentials!!



  1. Avatar Pastor Dave says:

    It’s one of the most important thing to discover how great u are but yet living a nonsense life, bad positioning, when u discover yet u recover.

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