Faith is Good, Anointing is Good, But it’s Heaven on Earth When We Tap Into The Glory!!

There are three dimensions of ministry in accessing the supernatural and they are; faith, anointing and glory, but for years the church has only operated in two dimensions; faith and anointing, with little understanding of operating in the glory. There are many good books already written on the subjects of faith and anointing but only a few have been written on the subject of glory. I believe God has given me some unique revelation on this subject which is contained in this book.

The intent of this book is to bring greater revelation in this area and to provoke the readers to earnestly desire operating in the supernatural. The principles found therein will catapult your life in every department. It is also rooted in scripture and has strong biblical support of all the revelations given. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!! And as you enjoy reading this book, may its pages bring you success in ministry.
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